Woman wearing medium length fun and flirty eyelashes
zero fux lashes Minx and Mane package
lady wearing medium length zero fux lashes
lady wearing  zero fux  lashes
lady wearing medium length zero fux lashes
 medium length zero fux  lashes
side view medium length of zero fux  lashes

Zero Fux Lashes | Minx & Mane

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What's that? You want to steal the scene? Say no more fam. The Zero Fux lashes from our favorite lash gals at Minx & Mane are your new go-to. They're fun, flirty, and offer just the right amount of sex appeal. And like all Minx & Mane styles, these lashes are reusable!

These are the ones to wear on the red carpet, that 5th date with a deserving gentleman, (or gentle-lady), or soaking up the spotlight on stage. They're feathery, lightweight, and will draw all the attention to your gorgeous eyes. 

After each wear, gently wash your lashes with a q-tip and warm soapy water to remove excess lash glue. Place back in the lash-shape packaging to hold the lashes' shape. 50% of all sales proceeds goes towards FLOC (For the Love of Children) who provide educational support beyond the classroom!


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