About Us

We are so happy to welcome you to The Balanced Bae! We are a podcast, virtual boutique, and community dedicated to helping souls thrive on their Earth journeys in the Age of Aquarius. We first began as a podcast, hosted by Allie Gonino, during the lockdown in 2020. Born of a desire to educate, entertain, and enlighten, The Balanced Bae is a network of truth seekers, storytellers, female entrepreneurs, artists, yogis, taste makers, and more. 

We at The Balanced Bae believe that cultivating a life of happiness requires, well, balance. Is money great? Yes, but it's not everything. There's so much more to life than punching the clock, working with people you don't love, pushing products you don't believe in, or being what society expects of you. You are sovereign, you are whole, you are magic, and you are deserving of the life of your dreams. 

Though we are but a tiny seed today, our vision is to grow this community through a shared love of yoga, plant medicine, self-care, education, small business owners, women, and the planet. We want to know who you are, what you love, where you're going, what you're here to do, and what you need help with. This store serves to get you started with your essential needs for a more balanced life, and the more you put into our community - follow us on Instagram @the_balanced_bae - the stronger and more realized this vision becomes.

Wouldn't you love to live on a planet where the air is breathable, water is clean and free, where people are celebrated for being who they are, women are protected and financially independent, art, music, yoga, and naps are necessities, and people put God first? A planet where the vibes are lit, the oceans are free of plastic, animals are treated with respect, our food is grown without harmful chemicals, where we value legacy over popularity, the 5 day work week is abolished, everyone is educated, and plant medicine is legal? This world is possible! We can create it right now if we commit to it. 

They say that reality is a dream that everyone dreams together. While we all may have individual dreams for ourselves, the work we do to manifest dreams together is the work that's most worthwhile. Everyone has a part to play. Everyone has gifts, and even if they don't believe it, skills, a healthy mindset, confidence, and resilience can be cultivated. While the media continues to polarize and divide people, we can choose differently. We can choose empathy, self-compassion, innovation, solutions, and creativity. Where governments fail, we can win. If we want a new world, we have to be the ones to create it. 

You may be at the very beginning of your self-love journey, somewhere in the middle, or in a period of transition. Yoga teaches us that wherever we are in this present moment is exactly where we're meant to be, the only thing that's required of us is to utilize and appreciate what we have while we have it. Have a look around the site, and even if this isn't a store you'd typically shop from, keep an open mind. Like we said, this site is but a tiny seed, but even from the smallest seed, a Redwood can grow. Grow with us!

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