Meet the Founder

Hey bae! My name is Allie Gonino, and I'm the founder and CEO of The Balanced Bae. I grew up in a small suburb of Dallas, TX until I was sixteen when I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and music. I hustled there for 14 years, as a member of the former girl group, The Stunners, (which toured with Justin Bieber WTF?!), then later frequently playing venues like The Viper Room, and Hotel Cafe. As an actress, I got to star in numerous TV series, and even a few  films.

Though being a performer has been a huge part of my identity since a young age, I was confronted with spinal spasms in 2008 that would prevent me from dancing as much as I was used to. These spasms would essentially paralyze me from the neck down, making it incredibly painful to move my arms, or turn my head, much less dance and move in ways that would be considered "sexy" or impressive. I had to completely relearn how to care for my body. 

That's when I found yoga. I've been practicing yoga for over ten years - not every day like some dedicated souls - but enough that it's become the foundation for my healing, and unsuspectingly, an avenue for my spiritual exploration. I grew up in a small conservative, Christian town, which left little room for questions, exploration, eccentricity, sexuality, or anything that could be labeled as "weird". In fact, Justin Bieber told me that I was weird. By then, I was used to people saying that about me. What's funny is that I think almost everyone else is weird! LIFE is weird??? Pardon my French, but, the fuck? What is "normal" in a world that is so strange?

Anyway, I digress. In a world where I've always felt out of place, and like I have to perform in order to merely be tolerated, much less embraced and loved, yoga offered me a new perspective, and path to really learn more about myself, the world, and consciousness. I'm a nerd at heart. I really love learning. I've been rich. I've been broke. Some might say I'm famous, and others would think I'm just a pretty face. Between living my formative years in Hollywood, my parents' divorce, tough break-ups, and pursuing two careers in what are arguably the most competitive industries in the world, I've struggled with anxiety, depression, hopelessness, addiction to fantasy, and body dysmorphia.

All that said, I've been heavily blessed. My father is an alternative medicine doctor, and my mother played a huge role in building his practice, and keeping him on the "good doctor" track, educating and empowering patients to take control of their health and wellbeing. I still have so much to learn, but during the pandemic, I was inspired to take action and started a podcast called The Balanced Bae, where I could host discussions and conversations on important topics such as social justice, meditation, mindfulness, healing - basically the live-your-best-life kind of stuff. 

One of the things I really believe in is supporting small businesses. Especially those run by women. I strongly believe that when women work together, miracles happen. I much prefer walking through a small town filled with charming storefronts owned by locals, to going to strip malls with the same predictable corporations. The same goes for online shopping. I'd rather buy products that I know were made with love, that are often of better quality. 

The curation of this store is meant to inspire your own healing, peace, creativity, and self-actualization. I'm so excited you've visited, and hope you find something to enhance your life experience here! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @go_nino and @the_balanced_bae. 





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