Bish floc in a minx and mane package
basic bish side view medium length
basic bish medium length and  light weight

Basic Bish Lashes | Minx & Mane

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At Balanced Bae, we encourage self-love and cultivating beauty from the inside out. That said, a little lash boost never hurts! The women creators at Minx & Mane have the same vision. Not only have they created sustainable re-wearable eyelashes, they're big on giving back. 

Minx & Mane create premium long-last lashes that accentuate your true eye shape. They're easy to put on fake eyelashes that last all day long. You may have to trim a bit off the edges, but that's what makes these lashes great - they're customizable to any eye size. 

The Basic Bish Lash is perfect for every day wear. Seriously, you could apply only these, and Muri Lelu's Bloomrise Sativa Serum in the morning and be good to go! Our favorite part about Minx & Mane reusable lashes? Just that; they're reusable. After each wear, gently wash your lashes with a q-tip, and warm soapy water to remove excess lash glue. Place back in the lash-shape packing to hold the lashes' shape. 

50% of all sales proceeds goes towards FLOC - For the Love of Children - who provide educational support beyond the classroom. LIMITED EDITION FLOC PACKAGING designed in part by the FLOC Program.



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